So many replacement options, how do I choose?

Today there are so many options to choose from when deciding to remodel your kitchen. All these options but most consumers don’t want to spend a fortune when trying to revive their kitchen to modern standards. Thank fully Rapid Refinishing Co. offers two unique and highly durable countertop overlay options. Options range from our high-end affordable  luxury Dream Stone to our economical stone like Spray Stone product line.

Two High End Product Lines

Dream Stone

   Dream Stone brings elegance, customization, and modernization to your countertops at an affordable price. Durability is nothing you can bat an eye at with this overlay. High heat resistance, non-porous surface, and stain resistance are just some of the outstanding properties or characteristics this product line offers. Dream Stone is highly customizable with so many color options and all overlays are installed on site. Check out our colors page for all your color options. 

   Dream Stone is offered with a ten-year limited warranty protecting you from any defect in fabrication or installation during the first ten years from the installation date. We guarantee with all the overdone stone/marble options Dream Stone will over deliver on expectations and give you every option stone offers plus outstanding quality, durability, and uniqueness.

Spray Stone

   Like the colors in nature, Spray Stone is dimensional and contains individual flecks of different colors, blended to create the appearance and texture of natural stone. Spray Stone is attractive, functional, and has a tough long-lasting finish. Check out our colors page to view our large array of distinctive colors.

   Spray Stone is also offered with a three-year limited warranty protecting you from any defect in fabrication or installation during the first three years from the installation date.  Let Rapid Refinishing Co. transform your ugly, outdated countertops today, but its application doesn’t have to stop there. Spray stone can also be applied to your shower, vanity, sink to create a unique stone-like finish. 

Resealing Concrete Countertops

   Many of our customers having existing surfaces such as concrete countertops that require resealing due to years of use. We offer the ability to strip and reseal concrete countertops with a water based or polyurethane sealer.

   Multiple sheens are available

  • Matte 
  • Satin
  • Gloss

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Stone VS Overlay

Marble, Granite, & Quartz

Spray Stone & Dream Stone

Cost Comparison

Stone VS Dream Stone VS Spray Stone


All surfaces require a highly durable topcoat to protect the custom coatings underneath.

Our top coats can be applied in two finishes:

  • Satin
  • Gloss

Customers have the option to apply a low odor water based or extremely durable polyurethane topcoat. Call us today to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both topcoats.

With our Dream Stone product line there is a very wide variety of existing surfaces we coat over.

These include:

  • Stone; Granite, Silestone, Quartz, Etc.
  • Formica
  • Corian
  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Concrete

The Spray Stone product line covers the same variety but includes tile as an existing surface to coat over.

All of our coatings come with a limited warranty. Rapid Refinishing Co. will replace or repair your countertops due to the product failing by separation or lifting determined by Rapid Refinishing Co. because of defects in fabrication or installation. The warranty does not cover damage caused by physical, chemical or other abuse, normal wear and tear, acts of nature, scratches or chips.

Dream Stone – guaranteed 10-year limited warranty backed by a lifetime warranty from product supplier.

Spray Stone – guaranteed 3-year limited warranty

   Due to dry times Rapids technicians will have to return to the job a maximum of 3 days

   On average the application of our Spray Stone product line requires 2 days of our technicians to be on the job and the 3rd day the surface can be put to use.

   For our Dream Stone product line on average our technicians will be on the job for 3 days. Day 1 we will prep the surface and apply the Dream Stone Over lay. Days two and three are for the application of our topcoats. We want to assure your new countertop is as strong as possible so multiple coats is recommended

As a general rule DO NOT use abrasive cleaning pads and highly acidic cleaners. A list of what and what not to use is listed below.

  • DO USE– 409, scrub free products, Lysol tub and tile, dow scrubbing bubbles, organic cleaners
  • DO NOT USE– Ajax, comet, bleach-based products, tilex, abrasive cleaning pads